I have covered small 100 car local shows all the way up to massive 3000+ vehicle shows such as Carlisle Ford Nationals. In my role, I provide the photography, the article content, and the cover art. I must thank for getting me into photographing cars (and trucks). You can find all of my articles here.

STANG Magazine

Several of my clients, including the owners of the 1968 Shelby GT500 below, have used my photographs to accompany their article. After I shot all of the car photographs in the entire Battleship New Jersey 2021 issue, including the cover, I joined the magazine as a staff photographer. I have taken the magazine in a new direction as well, covering Mustang themed venues, such as the Mustang Owner's Museum; where I provided the entire article in addition to the photographs. My photos have graced the cover of STANG Magazine four times and featured in over a dozen issues, including the very first cover of the 2021 STANG Magazine redesign.